Cairns Logo Design

Cairns Logo Designs are the logo and branding specialists for Cairns and Tropical North Queensland.  An exciting combination of creative energy, professional experience and a diverse portfolio of clients and work, make this your first choice for Cairns Logo Designs.

Why is a logo important?  A logo is your corporate identity.  It gives customers the first impression of your business, product or campaign.  It should reflect the nature of your operation or product, in its appearance and colour scheme.

Effective logos are integral to company branding and development.  They create the platform for your stationery, website, e-newsletters, uniforms, brochures, advertisements, posters, cars, signage and retail items.  Getting it right the first time is critical.

A well constructed Cairns Logo Design, suited to your target market and appropriate to your industry will build brand value.  Your customers will instantly recognise your brand and trust your services. It is an asset for your business and its future growth.

A badly developed logo will deter potential customers and present your business or product in a less than professional fashion.  It will not reproduce well across different mediums and will eventually need to be replaced.

Investing in the development of a professional Cairns Logo Design, the first time around, will save you time and money, reaping positive business outcomes.

Cairns Logo Designs range from corporate to contemporary, creative to complex, artistic to simplistic.  Indeed, a logo can be as simple as choosing the best font, to represent your business.

Some simple tips to consider, when thinking of your new Cairns Logo Design include:

  • Logos are the face of my business.  What will appeal to my target market?
  • How will I stand out from my competitors?
  • Will my new logo reproduce nicely in black and white, as well as colour?
  • What will my new logo look like when I fax it to someone on a letterhead?
  • Will you be able to read my logo and see the detail, when it is reproduced at small size?
  • Should my new logo come in different types?  Do I want it to be portrait or landscape?
  • Where do I think I will use my new logo and will it suit these purposes?
  • Do I just want to choose a font for my company name, or do I want imagery in my logo?

Cairns Logos Designs has the experience and expertise to develop a logo that is perfect for your business / product.  Contact us today for more information.