Cairns Copy Writing

Cairns Copy Writing provides professional writing services to businesses across Cairns and Tropical North Queensland.  A unique amalgamation of tertiary qualifications, media, marketing, promotions and public relations experience, ensures Cairns Copy Writing will deliver the right words for your messages, every time.

Why is Cairns Copy Writing important?  The written word is the most powerful communication tool we have.  Whether it’s being read on the computer screen, in the newspaper, as a business proposal, tourism award submission, case study, review, brochure or advertorial, words are how we communicate our messages.

Cairns Copy Writing will effectively communicate with your target audience, inciting a positive outcome.  They will bring customers and revenue to your business, support for your proposal, awards for your organisation and media to your launch.

Poorly prepared communications get put down, thrown out or ignored.  Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, passive paragraphs and missed messages are doing your business and product a disservice.  They may be the difference between winning and losing an award or contract and bringing customers to your door.

When preparing your budget, consider this.  Thousands of dollars are spent booking, printing, designing and circulating advertising, brochures, websites, newsletters and publications.  If the copy is poorly written, this is wasted money.

A good looking brochure, advertisement or website will not bring you business, if your sales message is lost in the design, or not delivered at all.

Investing in Cairns Copy Writing to effectively craft your messages, is an investment in your business success.

Cairns Copy Writing can assist with all your communication needs, from media releases to brochures, editorials, advertorials, fact sheets, websites, e-newsletters, corporate profiles, staff profiles, case studies and tourism award submissions.

Some simple tips to consider, when thinking of Cairns Copy Writing services:

  • What am I trying to achieve?  Selling a product, promoting an offer, winning an award?
  • Who am I trying to communicate with? Consumers, business, government, media, industry?
  • When is the best time to send my message, to achieve maximum success?
  • How is the best way to get results? A brochure, advertisement, website, flyer?
  • Why am I sending this message?  Branding, promotion, selling?
  • Where will my message be presented?
  • Will my content be appropriate to my audience?

Cairns Copy Writing has the experience and expertise to write the words to communicate your messages effectively.  Contact us today for more information.